Engineering and Developments

Rental of equipment:
Our Group is so pleased to introduce its high-quality products. In fact, We provide our clients with a vast array of oilfield rental equipment helping them to successfully perform their operations. What follows is a detailed list of equipments available within our group of companies:

– Pumps: These mechanical devices transporting liquids, air as well as gases from one vessel to another. In fact, there are three main types of pumps namely: Reciprocating, gear, and centrifugal.

– Compressors: There is a broad range of compressors which are available.

– Generators: A wealthy set of generators is available for use. They are basically designed to meet or exceed your expectations.

– Offshore containers: Our Group supplies you with a great deal of offshore containers that can perform a variety of activities at sea.

– Pickup (Also known as Pickup Truck): A plethora of Pickup trucks are at your disposal if you need any carriage or work inside or outside the city.

-DST “Daylight Saving Time” (PH6 Tubing)