Adapters: Our Group manufactures a great deal of changeover/cross over adapters of different sizes and shapes. Apart from these, the Group produces a wide range of Double Studded Adapters ensuring the transition from one size to another. It has to be noted that most sizes and pressure rating configurations are at our disposal for immediate shipment.

Suction Model: They are suitable for draining oil from engines through the dip stick hole by pneumatic suction.

Cross-over subs: We possess a vast array of cross-over subs which are used from one connection size to another or as the disposable component deployed to expand the connection life of a drill stem member.

The threaded connections are protected by a sustainable phosphate surface coating that helps decrease

API Threading: This includes the ability to thread a variety of API Spec connections. In fact, our Group is considered as an industry leader in working with end users, international thread technology companies as well as distributors in the supply, machining and threading on API Spec, casing and Tubing