Main Power

Supervisors: All supervisors are responsible for both the health and safety of workers under their control. In addition, all employees must work in conformity to health and safety legislation as well as to the set of practices and procedures spelled out in our Health and Safety policy.

Welders: Our Group employs some of the top welders in the World, with many years of experience in welding pressure vessels in addition to other related specialties.

Pipe fitters: They carry out installation, assembling, producing, maintaining and repairing mechanical piping systems.

Scaffolders: Our team of scaffolders is a highly-qualified one ensuring the functioning of operations within the oilfield sector.


It is an innovative specialty whereby we supply and manage fasteners and components supporting a myriad of companies in diverse market sectors. In fact, our site provides you with extensive and free advice and information on all types of fasteners as well as on inventory management systems.

From design to delivery, we will accompany you to ensure your requirements are met.

Port-a-cabin: It refers to that small building used as temporary offices within Oil and Gas companies.

Tanks: Large Containers used for storing liquids for various purposes such as storage tanks, supply tanks, or discharge tanks.

Baskets: Containers for carrying or keeping things no matter whether made from thin pieces of plastic, wire, or wood woven together.

Mini-containers: Compared with Big containers, mini-containers have less potential for storage. 

We have a wide variety of mini-containers used for the transportation of goods and chemical carriage. These containers take different forms and shapes and they are designed to meet your needs.