Cold cutting techniques:

Our Group has several cold cutting sets of equipment available. Our management and staff have completed successfully a number of cold cutting projects in addition to many other projects undertaken for disinvestments of pipelines, tanks and vessels.

Heat Treatment:

Through maintaining its own heat treating furnace, ABID Group controls all areas within the manufacturing process. We also supply our clients with high-quality pipes. All heat treatment is performed in compliance with our group. Additionally, the mechanical testing must conform to the industry standard requirements.

Hydraulic Torquing: It involves the development and manufacturing of high pressure hydraulic pumps for the tightening and loosening of bolted joints.


It involves the process of depositing hard-facing alloys onto drill pipe tool joints, drill collars as well as heavy-weight drill pipes in addition to many other down-hole components so as to extend the scope of work. It aims at protecting both casing and the drill string from abrasive wear.

Logistics of construction sites:

As logistics plays a pivotal role In ensuring that construction projects are completed and sites are properly safe, integrated logistical planning on the site is quite crucial to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Logistical planning is imperative for any construction project as it can provide a number of benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity.